Last Updated:  7 January 2018



Hi, I’m Jason and I own this website. I’m an affiliate marketer, which means I am paid a commission when visitors take certain actions about the products and services I write about on this site.



I belong to two affiliate networks, MaxBounty and Peerfly. In this blog I link to products and services offered through those networks. When a visitor from here registers or purchases through my link, I receive an affiliate commission.



Virtual Smores is all about FUN: gooey delicious fun for smart men who want to be entertained. That means I have to know something about the things I’m offering you, right? I research and test them myself. I won’t show you something I haven’t used or experienced personally. Each offer is carefully selected. I want you happily returning and saying to other people, “This is a cool place!”



I’m Jason, the owner of this blog, and I’m an affiliate marketer (“Hi, Jason!”). All the products and services on this blog are being promoted by me as an affiliate marketer, which means I earn commissions for linking people to said products and services…if the people take specific actions. You should understand that all the links on this website will lead to other websites that will earn me commissions when people register or purchase these produces and services.